Opportunity Carved From Ice

On the precipice of a sheer cliff overlooking Malice Bay, four giant talons of black stone rise out of the ground to grasp at the sky. Nestled within these talons is a city unlike any other within Haslanti, a city born of fishing and trade and enriched by great discoveries and innovations adapted from the First Age. Inside the talons, beyond the Wind Wall, is a city of bustling life and deceptive tranquility, connected by running water, essence-driven heat and light, and streets of glistening black stone carved out from beneath the permafrost. With ice docks to the Northeast and a skydock to the Southwest, the crown jewel of Northern trade conducts most of its business and social activity within the Agora at its center. While the excavated Gear Town just outside the talons to the Northwest constantly strives to discover and invent newer and better things, the old hub of the city, Fisherman’s Wharf, continues to decline along with its waning resources into darkness and obscurity. And beneath it all, the massive structure known only as the Edifice sits as a still-unbreached treasure to any smart enough, brave enough and strong enough to unlock its secrets and survive.

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We are a moderated, Exalted online roleplaying chat based on Exalted: Second Edition. If you have never been here before, please take some time to browse the discussion forums. Registration should work now, so please contact a Storyteller if it doesn't. However, you can still log into the chat and say hello even without being registered! If you once registered on the old address -- Heroes of Creation -- it is the same name and password as on that site. We have a very friendly staff and player base, and are always willing to answer questions. In order to make a character and play, you must have at least the core Exalted: 2nd Edition gamebook, along with the book containing the character type you wish to play. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to the Admin.

Since Exalted does deal with more mature themes, we want our players to be at least 18 years old, partly due to legal issues. The same goes for characters: All characters should be at least 18, and look at least 18. However, keep in mind that we still want to keep the Entryway clean. That there are times when lines are crossed is acceptable, but rememember that we want a good OOC atmosphere.

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